Call for Poster Contributions

Deadline for submission of abstracts: March 31, 2013


Oral presentations in the joint meeting of the FENS and the GNP in Berlin will be restricted to the keynote lectures and symposia.

However, we invite our colleagues to present their scientific contributions in our poster sessions – which will not overlap with symposia or keynote lectures!

Up to now, three poster sessions in the spacious foyer of the Henry-Ford-Building are envisioned.

Poster contributions may focus on an experimental or clinical study, on a case report, or a methodological issue.


How to submit a poster contribution
?Each abstract must be a single paragraph not exceeding 2000 characters (including spaces). The 2000 characters limit does not include the title, author or affiliation information.
?Your poster contribution will have to be assigned to -at least- one topic. At least one (up to three) keyword will have to be selected from a list.
?Each abstract must contain the specific goals of the study, the method used, a summary of the results, and a conclusion.
?Abstracts must be submitted in English.
?Please do no add formatting in your abstract.
?You will receive an email on whether the submission has been accepted.